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On this website we would like to give you a profound overview of the possibilities and prerequisites of studying in Belgium topped up by a list of study programs (BA,MA, PhD) offered at different Belgian universities.

If you decide to study in Belgium an international campus flair will be waiting for you. Belgium has about 11.000 inhabitants and is divided into three regions. There is a French-speaking, a Dutch-speaking and a German-speaking part. The capital, Brussels, is also the capital of the European Union and the NATO.

All in all, there are 15 universities and 51 “Hogescholen” or “Hautes Ecoles” in Belgium. The latter are more practice-oriented and the degree or the diploma of the “Hogescholen” and the “Hautes Ecoles” are equated. Belgian higher education institutes can also be differentiated into public and private institutions, the private ones mostly being denominational. Currently there are about 360.000 students in Belgium.

Studying in Belgium
is a combination of multicultural sense of live and the road to your success.

Studying in Belgium means that there are many study programs that are not restricted by grades.

Studying in Belgium
also means good chances on the job market and for your vocational career.

For your decision making if and what you would like to study in Belgium, we have gathered the most important information on taking up a study program in Belgium on this site.

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